Composer Bear McCreary has a new post up on his blog.

This entry is about scoring the return episode of Caprica and goes into detail about collaborating with director and lead actor Eric Stoltz to produce the right sound for a new set/planet and how action scenes don’t always require action music.

Thus far, Caprica has been an amazing musical journey for me. I’ve written a National Anthem, a Tauron gangster rap, a drag queen burlesque, and an opera for Alessandro Juliani, just to name a few explorations. That journey continues as “Caprica” returns to SyFy, Tuesday nights at 10pm, to complete its first season.

Caprica: Season 1.5

Also, it looks like Caprica’s next season depends on its ratings over the next few months, so anyone who’s not watching but liked BSG or thinks there’s room for stories about sentient robots in their lives, should start watching. #Caprica

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