Site redesign underway

Old School Computer Ad

I’ve set a process in motion that will hopefully result in a new and improved look for

In the past, I’ve always designed and developed the site myself. While my development skills are pro level (in the right languages, anyway), I can’t say the same for my attempts at graphic design. This visual issue is currently being resolved by an *actual* graphic designer.

One of the coming things I’m excited about (which is why I did it first) is that I’ve finally gotten around to integrating Word Press into the site. I’ve always been a fan of their content manager, but never liked handing over control of the site implementation itself to the WP machine. After a little research into the online documentation, though, I was able to get what I wanted from WP without dealing with anything I didn’t, and it only took a few hours. Open Source is awesome.

Another change is one I’ve been planning for awhile. I’ve always liked the Shadowater Studios name, but it emphasizes the means, not the end, which is the music. As part of the coming relaunch, ‘Shadowater Studios’ will become ‘Shadowater Music’. This is what those in the marketing business call a brand reimagimodificiation (I assume).

The relaunch is planned for January, but some elements, like the Word Press powered Musical Musings will be functional by the time you read this post.

That’s all for now.

New Music / Sundown at the OK Corral

I just finished a new Spanish guitar track. Pretty happy with how this one turned out.



A high quality re-recording of Basil Poledouris’s complete Conan the Barbarian score? This is bound to get Crom’s attention.

Also, I hear he has a new show premiering next week on TBS. Should be interesting.

Basil Poledouris has never been happy with both the original performance and the recording in Rome. The composer has always been very disappointed that the Rome orchestra could not provide every desired instrument he wanted in the score. This is now corrected for this new complete recording featuring 96 musicians and a choir of 100 voices.