Shadowater Music and Bandcamp

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I’m trying out bandcamp as a way of making more of my music available for purchase. My main focus is commissioned and licensed music, but the music business is so far from the monolithic days, there’s no excuse not to participate.

So far, bandcamp has been quick and easy. I’ll still use Tunecore to get more mainstream oriented tracks to iTunes, Amazon, etc., but bandcamp’s approach makes more sense for most of my work.

Check out Most Wanted and Final Fight on bandcamp:

For Your Consideration

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The new is finally here.

The redesigned site features a new WordPress powered blog, a revamped music section with advanced search and an overhauled resources page.

There’s also a deeper integration with several social networks, along with a ton of behind the scenes changes and improvements.

The new set up will allow me to quickly share new music across the web and makes it much easier for you to find the music you’re looking for.

Thanks to Marissa Nilson for the logo and graphic design.

Now back to the music…