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Archive for: 1/2014

WARRIOR - Mark Isham Score Composer Interview

An interview with composer Mark Isham about scoring the movie Warrior. [Videos]

Black Sails I. (The Sound of Sails)

Bear McCreary's got a new soundtrack release for the Starz pirate extravaganza 'Black Sails' and an 8 part blog series chronicling its production. [Articles]

Man Of Steel Soundtrack - Percussion - Hans Zimmer

Behind the Scenes creating the drums for the Man Of Steel Soundtrack. Drummers featured include: Matt Chamberlain, Sheila E., Josh Freeze, Pharell Williams, Danny Carey, John JR Robinson, Jason Bonham, Satnam Ramgotra, Toss Panos, Jim Keltner, and more! [Videos]

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

"In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection sound profile we visit Park Road Post Studios in Wellington, New Zealand to talk with the sound team of Director Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." [Videos]

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook

Another great book on the art and science of mixing. [Books]

Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science

THE book for those seeking a technical understanding of the mystical art of mastering, from both the digital and analog perspectives. [Books]

Acoustic Design for the Home Studio

Being able to trust what you're hearing in your home studio is a key to getting great mixes. This book offers a thorough primer on getting a great sounding home studio, whether you're fitting a bedroom with some (relatively) cheap acoustic treatment, floating a room within a room, or starting from the ground up. [Books]

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

A great book on mixing specifically tailored toward smaller studios. [Books]

8 Frequency Viruses You Need To EQ...

A quick analysis of frequency ranges and their tonal qualities at the mix level. [Articles]

10 Game-Changing Mastering Lessons

I enjoyed this webinar on mastering in the home studio from Joe Gilder's Home Studio Corner. [Videos]

Jack White, Minimalism, And Songwriting As Work

A great interview with Jack White and Conan O'Brien about the creative process. [Videos]

How to Create Width, Height and Depth in a Mix

"The hallmark of a great recording/mix for me is one where the music all lives within a tangible, dimensional world. The exception being songs that call for a two-dimensional or more lo-fi approach. In general, a recording that has width, height, and depth creates for a compelling sound. And truthfully I think part of the magic of a song is pulling the listener into a different world creating the illusion of that space only adds to that effect." [Articles]