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Archive for: 2/2014

Better Bass: The Complete Guide To Recording, Mixing & Monitoring The Low End

"Bass instruments whether acoustic, electric or electronic are crucial to the majority of modern music. We all know we need to make the bass end work and, for most contemporary styles at least, that we need to make the bass part 'pump' and work with the drums to establish a compelling groove...This article explores the theory behind some common problems, and suggests tips and techniques to overcome them." [Articles]

4 Ways To Hear More In Music

"You love the music you love, but you'll love it even more if you listen closely. Analysis will never trump feeling: The way a piece or a song moves us is ultimately what makes music lovers (addicts, really) come back for more. But the more you understand how composers and musicians manipulate the fundamental four elements of music rhythm, melody, harmony and color is a peek behind the curtain." [Articles]

Tutorial: The Basics of Audio Compression

"An overview of the basics of audio compression. Learn how it works, what the controls are and when to use it." [Videos]

Interview With the Music Supervisor: The Walking Dead

Thomas Golubic talks about being the Music Supervisor on The Walking Dead. [Videos]

Foo Fighters recording 'Wasting Light'

A behind the scenes look at the Foo Fighters recording 2011's Wasting Light with an analog workflow in Dave Grohl's garage studio. [Videos]

Alexandre Desplat on the art of scoring film

An interview with composer Alexander Desplat on the art of scoring for film. [Articles]

Composers Roundtable Full Interview

Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave, Rush), Christophe Peck (Frozen), Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips), Thomas Newman (Saving Mr. Banks), Steven Price (Gravity) and Alan Silvestri (The Croods) join our roundtable to discuss the music in their movies. VIA: Soundworks Collection [Videos]


"A new kind of music library is bypassing the global performing rights societies and threatening the value of performing rights for all publishers, composers and songwriters." [Articles]

Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces Are Here, Should We Care?

Thunderbolt audio interfaces. Better, faster, stronger? [Articles]

Q&A With Steve Porcaro

Musinq is a new site for interacting with musicians and composers. This is a link to their Q&A page for 'Justified' composer Steve Porcaro. [Articles]