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Archive for: 3/2014

6 Nuances You Feel, Not Hear

"Six subtleties you can work into your mix to give it that extra 5%." [Articles]

Exploring the Boundaries A Close Look at an Invisible Microphone

I didn't really know too much about boundary microphones, but this article helped quite a bit. I'm thinking about picking up a pair to set up as ambient room mics. [Articles]

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen

"In Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen, French critic and composer Michel Chion reassesses audiovisual media since the revolutionary 1927 debut of recorded sound in cinema, shedding crucial light on the mutual relationship between sound and image in audiovisual perception." [Books]

Banishing Your Inner Critic

"Everybody has one: the inner critic that tells you you’re just faking it, that others have more talent, that you’ll never achieve the success you seek. The inner critic is an unconscious deterrent that stands between the seeds of great ideas and the fruits of achievement..."

Via: [Articles]

EQ Tricks for Bass and Kicks - Into The Lair #97

"Dave Pensado shows you a trick that he developed with mix engineer Jaycen Joshua to improve the low end in both the bass and kick elements in your mix." [Videos]