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Archive for: 6/2012

iTunes for Composers

"iTunes is a straightforward and simple application for organizing and listening to music. You probably donít need someone to explain to you how it works. But there are a few unique features of iTunes that a lot people donít take advantage of. If youíre a composer/producer/songwriter with a lot of music to keep track of, getting the most out of iTunes can vastly improve your workflow." [Articles]

Interview with Prometheus composer Marc Streitenfeld

Excerpt: "We recorded forÖ a little over a week. I split up some of the sessions because I wanted to do an initial session to try out some different sounds and techniques. I tried to do a few unusual approaches with this. I recorded some of the score backwards Ė but not in the sense that I just reversed the recording. I actually wrote out the sheet music backwards so the orchestra played it backwards and then I digitally flipped it. So youíre hearing the score as itís written, the same melody, but with a backwards sounding orchestra which gives it a kind of unusual, unsettling sound." [Articles]