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Archive for: 6/2014

Warm Analog Sounds With Digital Delays

"If youíre mixing in the box with stock digital delay plugins, let me give you a tip: donít leave those delay plugins as is. You gotta mess them up a bit. Get them dirty. This way you create a more warm and subtle vibe to the delay (which sounds more like the goodness of analog) and you donít fight the lead vocal or instrument for space in the mix." - via: [Videos]

10 Tips for Better Low End

"Bass frequencies present unique challenges, and it often takes experimentation, skill, and compromise to deliver a tight and deep mix. This said, when Recording received an email from a reader wondering how to get that 'big bass sound heard on todayís recordings', I set out to compile some of the tips I've picked up while trying to make professional mixes." [Articles]

Recording Latin Percussion

"Latin music is popular all over the world, but it has its own unique assortment of quirks and exotic instruments. Four of the genre's leading engineers explain what it takes to make a conga sing and timbales talk." [Articles]

Enhance Your Music with a Subtlety Layer

"Adding a layer of subtle elements can bring your music to a new level, just like the right garnish and spice can turn a main dish into a gourmet entree." [Articles]

How to Mix Multiple Layers of Acoustic Guitar

"Learn techniques for mixing multiple layers of acoustic instruments with a focus on acoustic guitar featuring the song Covered in Love by Ugly, Ugly Words." [Videos]