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Archive for: 6/2015

Hand Pan Percussion, Reimagined as Futuristic Musical Instrument - Create Digital Music

"From a traditional instrument, a wirelessly-connected controller that looks like a UFO is part of a project to teach people new ways to play digital music." [Software]

Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman and Top Composers Reveal Insecurities, Power of Procrastination...

"Five sleep-deprived film music maestros - including Marco Beltrami, John Powell and Hans Zimmer - open up about their biggest challenges, what happens when a director doesn't like their work and where they get their inspiration" [Articles]

Making Audio Plugins Part 1: Introduction

I've wanted to start playing around with developing my own audio plugins for a while, now. This blog series seems like the place to start. [Articles]

Ennio Morricone: good film scores have been replaced by the bad and the ugly

I can assure you Mr. Morricone would never, ever make the joke in the headline. [Articles]