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Archive for: 7/2011

Forum With Music Supervisor Joel C. High

"music supervisor Joel C. High discusses the ins and outs of his career and his experiences starting his own company. He goes into detail about the licensing and creative issues that a music supervisor deals with daily, how to work with directors and navigate the politics of a big-budget production, and how to use your professional contacts and reputation to build a lasting career in the music industry." [Videos]

The Reel World

This how-to guide takes you inside the world of creating music for film and television, focusing on key concerns such as: ensuring musical aesthetics, using the most effective technology and techniques, and understanding the business side of things. Packed with case studies and insider tips, this book lets you learn by example. Also teaches how to nurture positive relationships with music editors, directors, producers, recording engineers, musicians, music executives and more. (by Jeff Rona) [Books]

The Complete Guide to Film Scoring

An essential resource for both students and professionals, offering shrewd insight into the business, process, and art of writing music for film and TV. Interviews with top film scoring professionals add the priceless insight of the wisdom that comes with experience. (by Richard Davis) [Books]

The Guide to MIDI Orchestration

Since its initial release in 1997, Paul Gilreath's The Guide to MIDI Orchestration has been the premiere text on creating realistic emulations of a symphony orchestra using samplers and computer recording techniques. Now in its fourth edition, The Guide to MIDI Orchestration explains how to merge this ever-expanding technology with the artistry of orchestration to produce the most lifelike recordings possible. The book is written for composers, arrangers, and MIDI musicians of all levels, and will be helpful to game composers, film and television composers, traditional orchestral composers, teachers, instructors, and the serious hobbyist. [Books]

Tutorial: EWQLSO PLAY Trumpets

"A little tutorial about how I work with the 2 Trumpet patches from the EWQLSO Library (Platinum Edition in PLAY)" [Videos]

Interview With Composer Alan Silvestri

"For a composer who always brings out the big thematic guns in the field of musical battle, there’s no more fitting hero for Alan Silvestri to suit up with than CAPTAIN AMERICA." [Articles]

Expert Testimony

Advice from music supervisor Wendy levy about song placements in TV productions. [Articles]

Simple Steps to Getting Placed: Advice from Music Supervisor John Houlihan

"Approximately 10 years ago, about 20% of the songs and music used in the average film project were production library music, with about 80% 'big songs.' Today, that is reversed with about 80% of major projects being made of production library music and about 20% 'big songs'." [Articles]