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Archive for: 8/2011

Movie trailer music: it's not what you think

"Contrary to popular belief, the soundtracks to movie trailers don't come from the film. Stephen Kelly learns the trade tricks from the composers whose job it is to make you care" [Articles]

5 Questions with Captain America composer Alan Silvestri got to spend a few minutes with Alan Silvestri before his concert with the Video Game Orchestra at Symphony Hall earlier this year. To read more about the concert, and other events at Berklee, visit [Videos]

'Dynamic Range' & The Loudness War

"We all know music is getting louder. But is it less dynamic? Our ground‑breaking research proves beyond any doubt that the answer is no ó and that popular beliefs about the 'loudness war' need a radical rethink." [Articles]

What Music Supervisors Wish You Knew

"In addition to jockeying for position with every singer,group,DJ,beats-maker and song plugger,the line-up of hopefuls extends in yet another direction. Thatís right,the cadre of competitors for the licensing of music and songs includes one more group of powerful individuals at increasingly powerful companies. And who might that be? Production music libraries." [Articles]