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Archive for: 8/2015

Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music

I'm just a few chapters in, but this book has already done a fantastic job of providing new details about the nature of music I thought I already knew as well as teaching me new things altogether. It bridges the gap between the raw physics of sound and the conventions of music. [Books]

Sound Gun Series Ep #1: PRODUCTION SOUND

"This is TUTORIAL #1 of the Sound Gun Series! Kevin walks us through the basics of getting good production sound and why it's important." [Videos]

The 4 Phases Of Developing Your Creative Voice

"We all have heroes of our chosen craft. These are people we deeply admire, because their work moves us, and challenges us to be better at our own. They are unmistakable because their voice comes through loud and clear in their work. However, it's tempting to fall prey to the notion that these remarkable few people emerged from the womb ready and able to produce brilliance." [Articles]

How Compression Affects Harmonic Distortion

"How compression can affect harmonic distortion of a signal." [Articles]

Star Wars - The Music Makes the Moment

"Behind the scenes as composer John Williams wrote the score for The Empire Strikes Back.
After viewing the final edit it took him 7 weeks to write the score before recording it with the London Symphonic Orchestra. This video focuses on the emotional scene where Han Solo is about to be frozen into Carbonite and shows the before and after of the filmmaking process." [Videos]