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Archive for: 9/2014

Sonic Architecture | Designing Sound

"Over the years, the relationship and analogy between music/sound art/sound design and architecture has been explored in several aspects. In the same way architecture works over the solid materials, visual spaces, geometry, abstract realities or social contexts, it does over the aural realities, the sonic dimension. When it comes to space, sound can be valued in an architectural process, just as architecture is also sonic." [Articles]

Spaces From Noise | Designing Sound

"Impulse responses are great for recreating spaces, whether it is a resonant glass bottle or a large cave. Here’s a handy a trick for sculpting your own impulse responses, and therefore your own reverbs, from something that we spend a lot of time getting rid of — noise!" [Articles]

The South Bank Show: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1992)

"Shown in 1992 for Paul McCartney's 50th birthday. Also to celebrate 25 years of the album." [Videos]

Mix Tips For Kick & Bass

"What better place to start building your mix than the kick‑drum and bass parts? Get them to work well together and you're on your way to a good mix..." [Articles]

Tips and Tricks for a Proper Bass Mix

"Bass can be challenging to get just right in a mix, but the following tips, tricks, and tools can help you harness that thunder down under." [Articles]